How I Became Trump’s New Friend


In his new book, Saving Trump, author W. Green has chronicled our efforts over the past fifteen months to keep Mr. Trump in office. It has been an exciting and exhausting task just to keep up with the president as we tiptoed together through the minefields of the Mockingbird media, Deep State operatives, and massive public denial. But here we are, one year into the the Trump presidency and the battle continues. Trump is still in office. The Deep State is still powerful. The Congress is still impotent. And the mystery of human life on planet Earth 2018 goes on.

Audacity, Mendacity, and Sex in the City

Prison cell with light shining through a barred window

January 21, 2018

Americans are lucky. We own a wonderful piece of the Earth which is geographically defensible and incredibly fitting for commerce, agriculturally and technologically abundant, and rich in natural resources.  We are an industrious people. We also have the finest governmental system ever created. The people of other countries may be smarter, more refined, or richer but they are not Americans. There is always a backlog of folks who want to join us. We’re just plain lucky. Fifty-four years ago, a coup d’état shocked this country. America was taken over by criminals who for decades ran roughshod over us. It appeared as if these evil-doers would never be dislodged.  But then two very significant people came on the scene in the 2016 Presidential Election: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Americans make their best decisions based on their gut-feelings rather than logic. How else can you explain the outcome of the election other than divine intervention? We have dodged a bullet. We chose the bombastic, rude, outrageous non-politician over the obvious choice. Hillary Clinton had the backing of almost everyone: the media, the two political parties, and every group except the gun lobby. She even had the backing of Republican former-presidents. She led in the polls by a wide margin. She outspent Trump’s campaign by a factor of 30 to 1.

But while Trump was a flawed candidate, Clinton was a flawed person. She was a criminal. She was the face of the treasonous syndicate that had killed President Kennedy. Beneath all the fluff and frills, she was dirty, scummy, and dangerous. She was such a bad person that, in desperation, the country vomited her out and drank a glass of Trump.

The voters put the American truth-train back on the track in 2016. We didn’t know everything about Clinton, but we had a strong gut-feeling. With the passage of time, piles of evidence have exposed her evil nature. The government of the United States is now considering the fate of her, her family and her cohorts-in-crime including high-ranking, former government officials. The rats are running, but it is too late.

Hillary rigged the Democratic National Committee and stole the primary election from Bernie Sanders; Hillary literally and treasonously sold out the country in the Uranium One scandal, a massive “pay-for-play” deal; Hillary exposed the country to danger with her private computer server and her cavalier handling of classified documents; Hillary deceived us by creating a fictitious “Russian dossier” implying that the Russians and Trump worked together to leak the DNC emails to rig the election; Hillary worked with Pakistani criminals to compromise the Congress of the United States. Other heinous Hillary crimes will be exposed which will reveal her to be the most corrupt and vile candidate ever to run for the Office of President.

Now everything is being exposed. The 1963 ‘Deep State’ cabal almost put one over on us, but Americans dodged a bullet. In the style of the Old West, they followed their gut and somehow selected an unlikely hero, Donald Trump, to become the sheriff who would clean-up the town. Hang ‘em high! Sheriff. Hang ‘em high!

Feeling the ‘Bern’: Enhancing the Trump Presidential Brand


April 28, 2017

The Trump brand is taking a beating. President Trump is under fire from the mainstream media every minute of every day. The press is relentless and openly biased. The attacks relate to the alleged collusion of his administration and the country of Russia to fix the election in his favor. Of course, both James Comey of the FBI and James Clapper, formerly head the NSA have agreed that there is no evidence of such collusion and that there was no change in vote totals as a result of any actions of the Russians. At this moment that is where this issue stands. It is a boiling caldron of innuendo, suspicion, half-truths, and nothing else.

In his first 100 days in office, President Trump has also been attacked as incompetent, deranged, and ineffective. But the track record of executive Trump has been pretty spectacular especially considering the lack of support he has received from both the Democrats and the Republicans.  His selection for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, has been confirmed. He has created an Executive Order to deal with the most obvious immigration policy failures of the previous administration. He has ordered a freeze on new Obamacare regulations. He instituted a federal hiring freeze and enacted a five-year prohibition on lobbying for federal employees leaving office. There has been an increase in jobs, a cut in illegal border crossings, and reduction in the trade deficit. People may or may not like the decisions he has made in the first 100 days, but it is not fair to say he has done nothing or that he has been incompetent. The ‘deranged’ commentary seems hyperbolic. It is too early to judge his effectiveness.

The only thing we can say for certain is that the press does not like him.

But will the people find his approach satisfactory? Recent polls suggest there is no ‘honeymoon’ effect. The public is looking for results, as they should be. But any chief executive needs to be in office for a least a full year to be fairly judged.

The polls indicate Trump supporters have not changed their minds about their choice. But he could use some new friends. In this regard, he might consider some of the issues and solutions that Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders presented in the primary campaign. Senator Sanders had very strong support on the issue of Student Loan fairness. He outlined some methods to reduce the pain of this debt on the young people of America. He suggested a loan forgiveness program and the government payment of college tuition for all.  Even Hillary Clinton recognized the power of this Bernie platform, and she offered her tentative suggested resolutions of the enormous student debt obligations. President Trump should take a close look at this serious problem. 44 million Americans have student loans. Each day 3,000 people default on their student loans. Young Americans, earning a median income of $60,000 and bearing an average student debt of $30,000, are up against the wall. The total of this debt exceeds $1.3 trillion. Does anyone think this will be repaid? More likely, the young people of America will become ‘deadbeats,’ a prospect which is not promising for those young people or the future of America. Eliminating this debt burden may seem like a large expenditure of government funds. But the fact is that the Defense Department LOST over $8 trillion of taxpayer funding in 2016. At least if we wrote off the Student Loan debt, we would know where the money was spent.

Another group of potential new friends for President Trump and a possible new source additional government income may be available in the mass of people who use marijuana, either medicinally or for recreation. Even though many states have decided to legalize the use of this drug, the federal government still considers its use criminal behavior. This president has much in common with President Franklin Roosevelt. The country in 1933 was awash with illegal booze. The Prohibition laws were a joke. Alcohol consumption in the early 1930s was open and obvious. FDR put an end to this craziness immediately. President Trump should do the same for the estimated 32 million users in the United States. We have more serious problems to be solved. Make marijuana use legal. Regulate its sale, collect taxes, and save millions on drug enforcement.

Well, Mr. President, I hope you find these hints helpful. Extend the olive branch to these good citizens of the USA. Give young people a future. Allow the people to use marijuana legally (particularly our veterans suffering from PTSD), and  maybe send out some of your accountants to find those missing government funds. While you’re at it, you might fire a few bureaucrats in the defense department.