How I Became Trump’s New Friend


In his new book, Saving Trump, author W. Green has chronicled our efforts over the past fifteen months to keep Mr. Trump in office. It has been an exciting and exhausting task just to keep up with the president as we tiptoed together through the minefields of the Mockingbird media, Deep State operatives, and massive public denial. But here we are, one year into the the Trump presidency and the battle continues. Trump is still in office. The Deep State is still powerful. The Congress is still impotent. And the mystery of human life on planet Earth 2018 goes on.

Even the Truth Cannot Kill a Mockingbird


August 24, 2017

The well-known story of All the President’s Men written by Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward chronicled the exploits of these two reporters during the early 1970s Watergate scandal. The book was a classic David and Goliath tale of the bulldog reporters using inside information, in this case from a mysterious source called ‘Deep Throat,’ to investigate and break the big story which would ultimately take down President Richard Nixon.

Let’s fast forward from 1972: Nixon was re-elected President of the United States; Vice-President Agnew resigned (1973); Gerald Ford became Vice-President (1973); Nixon resigned as President after the Watergate scandal (1974); Ford became President (1974); Nelson Rockefeller became Vice-President (1974).  History books covering this era must be action-packed, exciting reads.

Then in 1975-76, the Church Committee investigated United States intelligence activities, and Operation Mockingbird was exposed. Begun in 1953, Mockingbird was a CIA program which used legitimate news sources to influence domestic public opinion. Brand-name reporters working for the New York Herald Tribune, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others were allegedly subject to control by their CIA Mockingbird masters. Other reporters, not working within the propaganda system, were wire-tapped to determine content. Basically, it was a continuing propaganda campaign running within, and capable of manipulating, the revered ‘Fourth Estate,’ the news media.

More recently we have the story of the leader of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, buying The Washington Post newspaper in 2013 for $250 million. Earlier in the same year, Bezos’ company Amazon received a $600 million contract to provide cloud services to the CIA. The Washington Post has been a constant source of negative information about President Trump, much of which has been obtained from anonymous sources.

Logically, one might assume that the truth once exposed would negate any propaganda efforts by the CIA or anyone else. Of course, Edward Bernays, the father of modern-day public relations or propaganda, said in his 1927 report entitled The Minority Rules that “the most effective propaganda, indeed, is that which enlarges and presents the truth so that an indifferent public will understand it and accept it.” Later in the same article, he says that if propaganda “strays into untruth, the course of events will show it up, and its power will end.”

But, what is the truth?

Some definitions state that a verified fact conforming to reality, and not false (untrue) is the truth.

And what is a lie?

A lie is an idea or statement that is untrue but which is presented as if it was true.

It could be said that all reported news may or may not be true depending on verification of the facts and the honesty of the reporter. Like the quantum physics question: is it a particle or a wave?, determining whether it is the truth or a lie depends on your filter and interpretation.

Hitler had a method of establishing the truth. The Nazi propaganda leaders said that if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, it will become the truth. This is the problem with public relations and propaganda. It is a process which establishes the truth and then sells it to the public. In effect, it is ‘fake news.’ Because news reporting is not only a fact reporting machine, it is a fact filter or lens.  It diminishes or magnifies any event according to the bias of the source. Or in some cases, news is totally or partially fabricated.

Is the CIA still in the business of manipulating domestic and foreign public opinion? Are the Russians involved in manipulating domestic and foreign public opinion?  Is President Trump doing the same? Are the Democrats and Republicans doing the same? The easy answer is, yes. Is all the news presented on television, and in newspapers, magazines, movies, podcasts, videos, websites and word-of-mouth the truth? Or is it some form of propaganda? The answer is that it is all propaganda. From instantaneous electronic reporting to time-delayed historical reporting, it is all the same. Let the reader beware.

In the very near future, it will be reported that the Russians co-opted Facebook, Google and other sites that offered advertisements along with their information and news. Most likely their intent was to disrupt the elections. Maybe they were just testing the concept to determine the best way to influence our elections. The Russians will be exposed for buying ads which promoted specific candidates and issues in the 2016 Presidential Election. Possibly Donald Trump was one of those promoted. If so, does that mean he colluded with the Russians? Or does it reflect on the transmitter of the news, Facebook or Google? Are they in some capitalistic, business-like way colluding with the Russians? Or is this all about free-speech for everyone including foreign intelligence operations?

Mockingbird news survives. It will never be killed by the truth because the truth is an imaginary bullet.

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Mind-Control and the War Against Trump


June 5, 2017

America appears to be at war with President Trump. This battle is being waged to control your mind. The soldiers engaged in this war, average Americans, are attempting to retain their intellectual and emotional sanity. These warriors are not so much fighting against Donald Trump as they are fighting to hold on to ideological positions which have been systematically soldered into their brain circuitry. The minds of the American people are controlled by others. United States citizens have been the victims of well-organized, official and unofficial propaganda campaigns for over a hundred years.

In the early years of the twentieth century, our leaders discovered the power of manipulating the minds of the masses to support the agendas of the elite. World War I was an early use of mind-control by our government. Even as President Woodrow Wilson campaigned on a platform that proclaimed “He kept us out of war!” he was planning the exact opposite. On returning to the White House, he changed his mind about isolationism. Now America had ‘to make the world safe for democracy.’ A military draft was executed. Citizen soldiers were trained, and soon our boys were ‘over there’ killing Germans.

Wilson assembled The Committee on Public Information, and it created movies, books, posters, pamphlets, and advertisements supporting the war. Educators were recruited to unite the people to turn back the menacing Hun. The bearded top-hatted ‘Uncle Sam’ icon was created who told everyone that your country ‘wanted you’ be a patriotic killer. You would think that war would be difficult to sell, but it proved to be just as simple to sell Americans rabid patriotism as it was to sell toasters or cigarettes. Of course, in the aftermath of the war, the dead and deformed and the blind and the faceless, were simply ignored and forgotten.

World War II was a repeat of the first war. This time politician Franklin Roosevelt became the isolationist-turned-warrior after his election as President in 1940. It was the same propaganda story except for the addition of Japanese to the ‘hate’ category.  The people of the United States were again wrapped up in a public relations blanket that dampened critical thinking and made us a country of mental slaves. From 1941 through 1945, Americans hated and killed Germans, Japanese, and on occasion, Italians. They did this willingly and effectively.

This was followed by fifty years of programmed international hatred towards Russians, North Koreans, North Vietnamese, other communists, unnamed terrorists, and other people who just didn’t fit in. Domestically, Americans would also be directed to hate various homegrown unapproved groups that opposed government policies.

As we moved into 2016, the government propaganda machine was running at peak efficiency. The entire mass media and educational systems were controlled by the power structure.  By this time, the people of the USA were so well-trained that they almost controlled themselves. They knew what and how to think. A self-regulating system of political correctness and approved causes was backed up and reinforced daily by self-serving statements from politicians, celebrities, and news media ‘talking-heads.’

Until Donald Trump arrived everything was smooth sailing for the propagandists. But his surprise election to President stunned the system. He was uninvited, unapproved, uncooperative, and apparently not easily threatened.

In a last-ditch, ‘Hail Mary’ effort, fueled by frustration, half of America’s people had voted for him and surprisingly he won. For the first time in a hundred years, the elite curators and shapers of the mass mind of America found themselves backed against the wall.

In response to this threat, first, they tried to change the election results with recounts and threats to the official electors. Then they tried to claim that Trump was crazy and unfit for office. These efforts failed. Sharper teeth and more powerful jaws were needed. They latched onto the Russian/Trump collusion idea. This could lead to charges of obstruction of justice and treason. Again, the minds of the American people are being massaged. But, the flock is becoming disorganized and less controllable.

In the interim, before a bullet-proof game plan can be put in place, the dogs of the propaganda machine will simply bark at their sheep. A controlled mass of sheeple will be pushed in one direction or the other bleating their way across a meadow of madness.  Today the topic is racism. Tomorrow the topic will be fear of a North Korean madman. The next day may feature terrorists. The dogs will keep barking, and the sheeple will obediently and simultaneously preserve their state of non-thinking, all the while awaiting the next command.

This is the plan. When the sheeple hear the call for impeachment, they will be primed and ready to support the saviors of democracy—the ‘deep state’ will rise up and reclaim its ownership of America. President Trump will be gone. The sheeple will be calmed.

This will be comforting, but it will be a terrible mistake which will result in the destruction of America and modern civilization. I caution you now. Be wary. Do not let this happen.




Feeling the ‘Bern’: Enhancing the Trump Presidential Brand


April 28, 2017

The Trump brand is taking a beating. President Trump is under fire from the mainstream media every minute of every day. The press is relentless and openly biased. The attacks relate to the alleged collusion of his administration and the country of Russia to fix the election in his favor. Of course, both James Comey of the FBI and James Clapper, formerly head the NSA have agreed that there is no evidence of such collusion and that there was no change in vote totals as a result of any actions of the Russians. At this moment that is where this issue stands. It is a boiling caldron of innuendo, suspicion, half-truths, and nothing else.

In his first 100 days in office, President Trump has also been attacked as incompetent, deranged, and ineffective. But the track record of executive Trump has been pretty spectacular especially considering the lack of support he has received from both the Democrats and the Republicans.  His selection for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, has been confirmed. He has created an Executive Order to deal with the most obvious immigration policy failures of the previous administration. He has ordered a freeze on new Obamacare regulations. He instituted a federal hiring freeze and enacted a five-year prohibition on lobbying for federal employees leaving office. There has been an increase in jobs, a cut in illegal border crossings, and reduction in the trade deficit. People may or may not like the decisions he has made in the first 100 days, but it is not fair to say he has done nothing or that he has been incompetent. The ‘deranged’ commentary seems hyperbolic. It is too early to judge his effectiveness.

The only thing we can say for certain is that the press does not like him.

But will the people find his approach satisfactory? Recent polls suggest there is no ‘honeymoon’ effect. The public is looking for results, as they should be. But any chief executive needs to be in office for a least a full year to be fairly judged.

The polls indicate Trump supporters have not changed their minds about their choice. But he could use some new friends. In this regard, he might consider some of the issues and solutions that Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders presented in the primary campaign. Senator Sanders had very strong support on the issue of Student Loan fairness. He outlined some methods to reduce the pain of this debt on the young people of America. He suggested a loan forgiveness program and the government payment of college tuition for all.  Even Hillary Clinton recognized the power of this Bernie platform, and she offered her tentative suggested resolutions of the enormous student debt obligations. President Trump should take a close look at this serious problem. 44 million Americans have student loans. Each day 3,000 people default on their student loans. Young Americans, earning a median income of $60,000 and bearing an average student debt of $30,000, are up against the wall. The total of this debt exceeds $1.3 trillion. Does anyone think this will be repaid? More likely, the young people of America will become ‘deadbeats,’ a prospect which is not promising for those young people or the future of America. Eliminating this debt burden may seem like a large expenditure of government funds. But the fact is that the Defense Department LOST over $8 trillion of taxpayer funding in 2016. At least if we wrote off the Student Loan debt, we would know where the money was spent.

Another group of potential new friends for President Trump and a possible new source additional government income may be available in the mass of people who use marijuana, either medicinally or for recreation. Even though many states have decided to legalize the use of this drug, the federal government still considers its use criminal behavior. This president has much in common with President Franklin Roosevelt. The country in 1933 was awash with illegal booze. The Prohibition laws were a joke. Alcohol consumption in the early 1930s was open and obvious. FDR put an end to this craziness immediately. President Trump should do the same for the estimated 32 million users in the United States. We have more serious problems to be solved. Make marijuana use legal. Regulate its sale, collect taxes, and save millions on drug enforcement.

Well, Mr. President, I hope you find these hints helpful. Extend the olive branch to these good citizens of the USA. Give young people a future. Allow the people to use marijuana legally (particularly our veterans suffering from PTSD), and  maybe send out some of your accountants to find those missing government funds. While you’re at it, you might fire a few bureaucrats in the defense department.



Trump is Not a Politician—And That’s a Good Thing

January 20, 2017

Today is Inauguration Day. This day we, the citizens of the United States, welcome in Donald J. Trump as President. Twenty words into my first post and I can already hear the voices of dissension “He’s not my president.” But that isn’t true. He is our president—my president and your president. For the next four years—if he can stay in office—he will be the head of the Executive Branch of our government. This is a fact.

I entitled this post “Trump is Not a Politician.” On that I think we can all agree. No politician would do and say what he did during the campaign. No politician would hold fast to so many politically incorrect, sometimes frightening, and generally outrageous positions. He wants to build a giant wall to keep undocumented foreigners from entering our country illegally. He is against abortion. He disliked his political opponent with such rancor that he said he would put her in jail. He was against trade proposals and other agreements which previous administrations had diligently worked to put into place. He said nice things about Mr. Putin. And worst of all, he was an outsider. He had no idea how things worked in Washington. How could he be expected to get anything accomplished?

And what about his character? Given everything we have seen him or heard Trump say, would any politician expect to survive the rigors of the election campaigns for the Office of President of the United States? I don’t think so. Anyone else who had spent some time in the political arena would have white-washed his past such that nothing like his misogynistic ‘locker room’ banter would ever make it on-air. Nor would a politician make public or private comments diminishing the credibility of ‘climate change’, or Senator McCain’s war record, or Megyn Kelly’s credentials as a reporter. To say the least Trump was bombastic, iconoclastic and hyperbolic as he auditioned for the job of Chief Executive. And he was a success. He won the election. Yes, Donald Trump is not a politician, that we know, but he is now the President of the United States. He is our leader.

Are you afraid that Mr. Trump is the next Mussolini or Hitler? Do you think he’s going to grab the nuclear football and try to run for an atomic touchdown? Or do you think he’s going to attempt revive the Ku Klux Klan? Is he in bed with the Russians plotting the demise of America? Will he repeal the Affordable Health Care act allowing seriously ill people to die because they are uninsured?  Or on the other side, are you anticipating he will organize Congress to pass a law to ban abortions? Are you hoping he will order the incarceration of Hillary Clinton? Do you think he will force the deportation of the children of undocumented aliens?  Are you afraid he will be impeached before he can complete or even start to fulfill his campaign promises?

These are the voices of distrust in the American system of government. These are the voices of fear and hope. The loud voices speaking today may be sincere in their concerns. Or they may have other agendas. Whatever their motivations, they fail to recognize the power of the American system of government and the power of the Constitution of the United States. When President Trump consolidates his position as the leader of the Executive Branch, and that may take some time, he will be in charge of one-third of the power of the government. Let us hope he will use that power wisely for that is the reason he was elected to office. However, we are governed by a system of checks and balances. The Executive is empowered to execute the business of government. That business is established by the Legislative Branch, and both branches are held to the standards of the Constitution by the Judicial Branch. It is a system which has been in place for over two hundred years.

The good thing is that President Trump is really an independent. He is not beholden to political party leaders from either side of the aisle. His hands will not be tied by the two-party system. In that sense, he is open to new ideas and approaches to solve our country’s problems. It will be his job to convince both the Republicans and Democrats on the hill that his ideas are valid. He will not be the caretaker of the status quo. Everyone knows the existing economic and social problems America faces. We also recognize the ever-present threats to our safety in a troubled world. We live in times of danger and opportunity.

The people of America have decided it is time for change. But change is not comfortable. It stresses and strains our minds and beliefs. It is time for change because the status quo is not working. It is time for new approaches, new ideas, and bold but calculated moves. President Trump is not a politician. And we as citizens should not be concerned about whether he obeys the rules of politicians. We should only be concerned with results. This is not Mr. Trump’s first time on the executive battlefield. Will we allow him to do his job as he sees fit? Or will we abuse the system by interfering with his work? Again, this is his first day on the job. The American people should wish him well for we all need him to manage our country with intelligence, firmness, and authority. The time for voting is over. It is time to let President Trump get to work.

We must allow the magic of the American system to function as it has in the past. We should not allow any injustice, manipulation, or interference to make his extremely difficult job harder. Today is day one. Let’s all calm down and let President Trump demonstrate that our confidence in him was warranted. Good luck, Mr. President.