Emma’s Update


Ethan, our friend Zak, and I have resumed our normal lives. We are still dedicated to the work of Saving Trump, but we now realize larger forces are in play. My brother and I have returned to our home in Pleasant Valley, Wisconsin. Zak decided to stay in his Chicago condo until spring. After the thaw, he will return to La Crosse. Ethan and I intend to settle down and take up the quiet lives we led before we began our public relations quest to make sure President Trump remained in office. Zak will be Zak. I don’t anticipate that he will slow down. As a matter of fact, he told us he was going on a Russian vacation later this year. He met a new girlfriend on the internet who lives in Moscow. We’ll see where that goes.

With regard to President Trump, I can say that he is definitely on a mission. Our little group was able to provide him both moral support and some real assistance, and my great-grandkids Samantha and Jason are still in the game and available to help the president. But I hope that will not be necessary. I believe President Trump has marshaled the forces necessary to “drain the swamp” and secure his office. I’m looking forward to a time in the near future when his plan, his public support, and his overwhelming political and legal strength becomes obvious. He assured me that everything is now under control. While he will continue to confound and confuse his opponents, I believe he will return America to the people.  His methods may stun some of our citizens, but in the end, we will again have a functioning constitutional republic. The corrupt politicians, lobbyists, media people, and bureaucrats will be removed and replaced with honest and dedicated people.

Prepare and brace yourself for a few rough months, but most of all, look forward to the exciting new future for all of us and our great country.

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